Despite the fact that the court experts appointed by the Commercial Court have found out that the damage caused by Novi Sad authorities to ATP Vojvodina due to lack of realization of the contract on building of the new bus station and the accompanying facilities in that City exceeds the amount of 100 million Euros, the principal creditor – Credit Agricole Bank, has decided to advertise selling of one of the most important parts of ATP Vojvodina – Evobus Service Centre.

According to the Reorganization Plan adopted six years ago, all creditors of ATP Vojvodina which in the meantime bankrupted because the City did not fulfill its part of the obligations and the investment could not function, should be paid with the money from damage compensation demand. The amount defined by the appointed court experts in which the founding of the Faculty of Transportation and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is included, as well as the economic analysis of business activities of the newly-built facilities, would provide the conditions for the company to pay all its debts. In that way the Bank would completely settle its claims. At first sight it is not clear why the Supervision Board, in which majority of the decisions are made by the Credit Agricole Bank representatives, has advertised selling of the EvoBus Service Centre projected for Setra and Mercedes buses which should have covered the area of South Europe.

Another thing that is strange in this situation, besides the intention to disintegrate the created whole and make the Reorganization Plan meaningless, is the fact that the two interested buyers work for one person, and that is the current tenant of the business space. The first one is Feniks bus company, Director of which is Dejan Divljak, brother of Aleksandar Divljak who is the secretary of Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia. From the very beginning he is the one who has been managing the case of ATP Vojvodina, from the moment of the credit approval in 2006 and during the bankruptcy procedure and the later defined Reorganization Plan. The second buyer is the very Credit Agricole Bank which is planning to buy the Service from bankruptcy and after one year to sell it to Aleksandar Divljak’s brother - Dejan Divljak, who manages Feniksbus company.

Another strange thing is the price given in the advertisement for selling – three million Euros, because according to the accepted expertise only the damage made to the Service for the period of eight year during which the Service could not work has reached the amount of 62 million Euros. That amount is high enough for all the creditors to be paid, including the biggest one – the Bank, so it is not clear which interest, apart from brotherly solidarity, could be strong enough motive for initiating the sale at this moment when the amount which could provide conditions for the company to get out of bankruptcy has been defined.

Last week I informed the owners and the top management of Credit Agricole Bank in Paris about that!

Both public and institutions are familiar with the fact that Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia has several times given up the damage compensation demand in case of ATPVojvodina , thus reducing the bankruptcy estate for which I have already filed a very precise criminal charges; it used to prevent execution of final court decisions and has performed a number of other activities....

Which motive has Aleksandar Divljak to stay in Paris since Friday so that he could lobby members of the Bank Steering Board to vote today at the meeting of the Credit Board in Belgrade for selling of Evobus Service Centre, although it is against the Bank’s interests?

As for the case of ATP Vojvodina, Credit Agricole Bank in Serbia and its management headed by Aleksandar Divljak has been all the time working against its biggest client in Serbia, so his position in the Bank is rather slippery now. By buying the Service, he wants to provide personal benefits for himself, but at the expense of me as the investor and all the other creditors.

Today I have filed to the Commercial Court in Novi Sad the demand for introduction of the temporary measure by which selling of the facility would be stopped till the procedure completion.


In this case, criminal charges will be filed against the Bank clerks and the decision about temporary measure is to be considered by the court.

Anti-corruption Agency, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, the Republic Prosecutor’s Office, National Bank of Serbia, European Commission, European Parliament and other institutions will today be informed about this act of the Bank.

Best regards,

Ilija Dević, Investor of ATP Vojvodina company

ATP “Vojvodina“ looked like this

before being privatized


ATP“Vojvodina“ looks like this

after being privatized


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