Although the European Union has put the case of ATP Vojvodina among the five biggest out of 24 compromized privatizations as the only one in which the investor but not the state of Serbia has suffered the damage, the executive authorities continue putting the pressure which additionaly increases the damage. The authorities have been doing that through the politicians from Novi Sad, prosecutors and bankers. Packing the case of ATP Vojvodina into an alleged social interest is hiding of the essence – that the issue which is important here is personal interest of certain people close to the executive authorities.

The background of this case is the following one:
At the end of the year 2006 when the investment of ATP Vojvodina was close to its completion, narco and tobacco mafia which was ravening all around Serbia recognized their opportunity. Together with them were their supporters – ex members of the state security, especially some distinguished persons from Vojvodina who transferred the state business into their private fields.

Their principal executives for taking away ATP Vojvodina funds are the City of Novi Sad „Credit Agricole Bank“ from Serbia.

Aleksandar Divljak, one of the directors of that bank in Serbia, arranged for the service centre ATP Vojvodina to be bought by his brother,Dejan Divljak. However, despite the fact that he did get the benefit out of this business, he was not real buyer because somebody else was behind the purchase. It is a general knowledge that Aleksandar Divljak is the man who represents lightening in a foreign port!

The City has found its alleged interest in this case in putting pressure through the bank whose representatives were members of the Trustee Board and making ATP Vojvodina bankrupt again. In case of bankruptcy, the City would buy the newly built bus station. However, it is not the City which is the actual buyer, because the station services are not legaly regulated as communal activites. The station will have to be privatized, in the way in which almost all the stations in Serbia have dbeen privatized, and the City will offer very low price for the station to the buyer who was determined long time ago. Facing such a plan, is there any purpose in asking: Who will be allowed to work with ATP Vojvodina investment, if I was not allowed to to that with the entire valid documentation!? Or, why is property of all the citizens of Serbia being destroyed, since there is the state capital in ATP Vojvodina as well?

It is well-known that ATP Vojvodina and me have initiated numerous litigations in which we have been trying to prove the level of damage because the City failed to fulfill its contractual obligations. However, litigations we are talking about are being processed under a horrible political pressure, and three Mayors and their deputies, as well as judges, prosecutors and other holders of the the executive and judicial authorities have already entered deep waters of crime.

The judgements were made by the experienced and professional judges, but the judgements would have been different if the judges had judged by the law and their own conscience and in accordance with the judges’ oath, but not in accordance with the political orders.

The public of Serbia can make the same conclusion if they read the documents relating these litigations and that is why I am making them public. In the same time, we would like to demand from the High Judicial Council, Ministry of Justice and the Court of Appeal in Novi Sad to provide me the conditions for a lawful and fair trial!

Attached documents:

15 December 2011: Ilija Dević’s complaint against the Citu of Novi Sad
22 May 2013: Order on Financial and Economy Expertise issued by the Higher Court
29 June 2015: The Order on Mechanical Expertise issued b the Higher Court
27 December 2017: Judgement made by thE Higher Court in case P 249/2011
13 February 2018: ILIJA DEVIĆ’S COMPLAINT IN CASE P 249/2011
17 February 2018: ADDITION TO THE COMPLAINT IN THE CASE P 249/2011

Yours sincerely,

Ilija Dević,Investor of ATP Vojvodina company, Novi Sad

Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

pre privatizacije


Izgled preduzeća ATP "Vojvodina" 

posle privatizacije


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