Proved by Means of Arguments and Facts

On 7 March 2019 I filed criminal charges to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Novi Sad, to the special department for corruption surpression, against the responsible persons from Credit Agricole Bank and Cadastre who had illegaly registered the mortgage on the newly-built facilities of ATP Vojvodina without my consent and contractual obligation. The newly-built facilities were not built on the day of the contract signing. (the criminal charges in the attachment).

The Bank was an accomplice to politicians who were taking away my investment for the needs of narco and tobbaco mafia.

After starting the bankruptcy procedure in ATP Vojvodina company, this false mortgage was used by the Bank for getting the status of the secured creditor and, after adoption of the Reorganization Plan, they used it as the reason for becoming member of the Supervisory Committee of ATP Vojvodina.

That position provided the conditions for the Bank to be at the politicans and criminals service from the very beginning, so that they could take away my funds.

Within the 24 compromised privatizations and after having insight into the entire documentation of ATP Vojvodina, the European Commission found out that this was the only case in which the investor but not the state was the one suffering the damage. The same was written in the European Parliament Resolution published in March 2012.

I was fighting a bitter court procedure against the City of Novi Sad and it was established by the final and executive court judgement that the City and Republic had not complied with their contractual obligations!

Instead of directing the criminal procedure towards the persons from the state and bank structures, the ones who caused the damage to the City of Novi Sad, to its tax payers, to the employees and to me as the owner and investor, classic red herring took place. They have been trying to criminalize me in order to try to find the excuse for the failures made by the institutions and the city structures.

The one really helping them is Credit Agricole Bank which, in accordance with the order given by politicians and criminals, with its position in the Supervisory Committee has been preventing execution of the final and executive judgement based on which the bankruptcy would be completed and the company would continue to work. WHICH BANK DOES NOT WANT ITS MONEY!? HOW DO THEY EXPLAIN THAT TO THE BANK OWNERS IN PARIS!?

31 January 2013 – The Judgement of the Commercial Court of Appeal

After that, a political pressure was exerted on the Supreme Court of Cassation in the following chain: Aleksandar Vučić,Tomislav Nikolić, Nikola Selaković, Zoran Vučević, Miloš Vučević, Čedomir Backović, Snežana Marković, Djordje Ostojić, Dragomir Milojević, Stojan Jokić.

A political decision, not known till that moment in the judiciary practice, was made within 24 days,

09 May 2013 Judgement of the Supreme Court of Cassation 09 May 2013 Judgement of the Supreme Court of Cassation

because of which the Anti-corruption Agency addressed that time Deputy Prime Minister and the Supreme Court of Cassation, but it has never received the answer.

- 3 April 2013 – a letter sent to the DPM Aleksandar Vučić by the Anti-corruption Agency

- 12 August 2013 – a letter sent to the Supreme Court of Cassation President Dragomir Milojević by the Anti-corruption Agency

But those who are carefully following this case know that there is already a final court decision based on which the City of Novi Sad paid the damage to ATP Vojvodina company. Having in mind the amount – about 4 million Euros, and the fact that there was team action among the state institutions, from the Republic to the City level, which were disabling work of the new Bus Station in spite of the valid contract, it is clear that this is the place where it can be said that there is an organized criminal group.

The fact that their arrogance is endless can be confirmed by the current action of the judges at the Supreme Court of Cassation who, in accordance with the orders given by the politicians Aleksandar Vučić, Nikola Selaković, Čedomir Backović, Miloš Vučević and Zoran Vučević along with the already given order to the Supreme Court of Cassation, have the task to make the decision in the case for my personal damage compensation Rev 519/2019 as soon as possible. According to the portal, the case containing more than 1000 pages was PROCESSED during the period shorter than two weeks and given to the Council composed of the judges Branislava Apostolović, Zorana Delibašić and Branislav Bosiljković. We believe that the Council judge Branislava Apostolović from Novi Sad contributed to that speed, because she for sure wanted to protect the City against paying the damage it had caused. That interest was enhanced by her being close to the Law Office of the Mayor Miloš Vučević.

We do not know the contents of the judgement at this moment, but this COINCIDENCE is pointing at the outcome which will not be favourable for me as the investor.

The consequences can be far-reaching, not only for my funds, but also for the state, other creditors and employees.

Along with the supporting evidence and facts, it is clear that the team action between the state and bank structures has led ATP Vojvodina company into this position.

The letter to Aleksandar Vučić,Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Government,30 January 2017.

ATP “Vojvodina“ looked like this

before being privatized


ATP“Vojvodina“ looks like this

after being privatized


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